Tech Talk

Tech Talk

The UKIDA Technical Manual

All the advice you ever need about sailing a Dart18.

The Dart 18 Handicap System

The Dart 18 handicap system prevents the top sailors from taking all the silverware, and gives mid-fleet sailors a chance of glory. Handicap prizes are awarded at UKIDA Grand Prix events and the National Championships.

Are You Moved by Your Beam Clip?

The Dart, being a “one design” craft with accepted tolerances, sometimes needs a bit of attention to keep it operating at full performance.

Having Trouble Getting It Up?

Hoisting the mainsail on a Dart should be a simple matter of hook on and up she goes, but all too often it turns into a battle of man vs halyard.

Rapid Rope Guide

Do your sheets or halyards need replacing? Not sure what the correct sizes are? Consult this quick reference guide to the key bits on your boat.

Check Your Rigging!

Are your shrouds about to break?

Dart18 Class Drawings

Scanned pages from the class drawings; see the official spec for the boat. Please note that the part numbers used on the drawings differ from the numbers that Laser Centre use for ordering spares.

Lightweights in a Blow

Struggling to keep up with the heavyweights when the wind starts to whistle? Top tips here.

Buying a Used Dart?

Take a look at our tips to ensure you get a good one.