Summary of the 2013 AGM held at Carsington

Dart 18 News 08 Oct 2013

UKIDA AGM 2013 – A Summary Plus News About Your UKIDA Membership Fee

This year the AGM was held at the Inland Nationals at Carsington Water.  For those of you who couldn’t be there here is a summary of what was discussed and decided.

Chairmans Report:  A very successful one for UK Dart Sailors with Dan Norman & Jess Day winning the Worlds in Carnac UK boats occupying the top 4 places and 40+ UK boats taking part, and David Lloyd winning the UK Nationals at Netley (73 entries!) plus the Belgian Nationals and the Dutch Nationals crewed at Various events by Anne Chaumont-Lagrange and Eloise Knott.  The experiment voted on last year to reduce the number of events in the TT circuit to see if more people sailed at each event does not seem to of worked, although UKIDA membership has crept up by a few.  We must thank some retiring UKIDA committee members: Sean O’Connor is stepping down as Hon Sec to start his new role as IDA vice chairman, Simon Dewsbury is stepping down as Webmaster/ Handicap Coordinator, and Helen Jones is stepping down as Trophies Coordinator. Mike Gomme is taking over as Hon Sec, Simon Moruzzi will act as Handicap Coordinator, and Mark Robson from Whitstable volunteered as Trophies Coordinator.  Welcome to the Committee Mark!

Honorary Secretaries Report:  UKIDA currently has 264 members up from 252 in 2012.  So far this year 82 boats have attended at least one event although this does not include the Inland’s, Bognor or the cancelled IOSSC event (too much wind!).  Nationals attendance rose from 52 to 73.  The 2014 nationals will be combined with the 2014 Europeans to be held at Mumbles YC in August 2014.  The Dinghy Show this year was a success, but we would like to find a way to make more of an impact (any suggestions welcome!).  The Fleet Captains meeting during the show was a major success with a lot of ideas coming forward, especially the regional event approach to open meetings to encourage local clubs to support events near them.  The 2013 Teach-in was cancelled due to lack of numbers and we feel we need to re-brand this as Race Training (we don’t get many completely new to Dart sailors nowadays) and hold it at a more central location and possibly later in the season (warmer!).  Any thoughts.

Treasurers Report:  UKIDA is solvent, but we are spending more than we raise in membership fees.  Our major outgoings are the secretaries wages (but we agree that Jenni is doing a very good job!) and the magazine (£1000+ per edition but essential).  The Dinghy Show is also a significant cost but we feel it is important to be present at this event.  Currently we support UKIDA by raising money via sponsorship from Windsport – this year we have raffled off the 2 Windsport Coaching Days donated by Brian with over £500 raised so far.  The day raffled at the Nationals was won by Luke Scott, and don’t forget that the other one will be drawn at the end-of-season party at Bognor next weekend.  This money and hopefully a small profit to UKIDA from the Nationals keeps UKIDA afloat.

Discussion on Raising the UKIDA Membership Fee:  The UKIDA membership has not increased for at least 6 years. In this time its value has been eroded by inflation and the UKIDA membership has fallen, whilst our costs have not.  The committee suggested that it was time for an increase.  The members present discussed this and proposed and approved a rise from the current £26 by standing order (£29 if chq/cash) to £30 by standing order (£35 if chq/cash).  They also decided that this increase would be immediate!  This increase is 15% which is less than inflation over the past 6 years so don’t feel too hard done by.  IF YOU PAY BY STANDING ORDER PLEASE CHANGE IT TOO TH NEW AMOUNT NOW!


Hope this helps you understand what UKIDA does and what we want to do.

Geoff Lloyd UKIDA Chairman

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