Dart 18 Rule Changes August 2013

Dart 18 News 29 Jul 2013

Changes to the class rules approved by the IDA at Carnac come into force as of 1st August 2013.

Changes to the rules are detailed on page 8 under 10(c).  Its not easy at a glance to work out what this all means, so to summarise:

c) August 2013
i) 6)e was added.
ii) DS412 replaceable with DS435
iii) 9)c was added to.
iv) Alternative mainsail downhaul was added.
v) DM372 was added.


i) Rule 6e) has been added allowing the protecting of split rings, pins and spanner anchoring nuts/bolts to be protected from casual snagging  but not to reduce windage. This allows the use of tape.

ii) Part DS412 (Reaching Line Hook) can be removed or replaced with part DS435 (Plastic Bobble with radius less than 25mm page 19).


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iii) Rule 9(c) was added to – DS412 and/or DS435 can be removed, as can the reaching line rope (DS410) and the reaching line  shockcord (DT204) So you can remove the reaching line setup completely, sail with it as in the past or replace the hook with a plastic bobble

Rule 9c

iv) Alternative down haul system approved with turning block DM371 (page 14) at one end as illestrated on page 33. Note that the new block DM371 is specified and cannot be replaced with similar blocks from another source.  The block should be attached directly to the bracket at the bottom of the mast (DM348) without using a shackle.  The top block (DM370) has also been modified with an optional extra turning sheave as on page 15.


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v)  DM372 Plastic covers to spanner bolt nuts added (drawing on page 33)



Part DS513 the block and cam cleat combination on both the jib sheets and main sheet can be replaced with ones from any source as long as they comply with the specifications, general appearance and dimensions in the drawing (page 19 and added to the list at the top of page 8). This means you can use cam cleats from any source as long as they are of the same dimensions.


Rules that have NOT altered are those controlling rope dimensions and the requirement for toe loops to be fitted.

To obtain a copy of the up to date class rules please click here

Geoff Lloyd

UKIDA Chairman


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