Dart 18 Nationals Scrutineering

Dart 18 News 25 May 2016

Just a gentle reminder to everyone who is taking part in the UK Dart 18 Nationals at Stokes Bay at the weekend.  All boats will have to pass scrutineering and so must comply with the class rules and the class drawings.  We don’t do this to make things difficult, but to enforce the strict one-design ethos of the class, and to prevent a gradual drift away from the written rules.  Looking around the boat parks at recent events shows some common things that are not class legal including:-

Ropes that are too thin (especially sheets, traveller and the jib sheet bridle)polyester braid on braid marine boat rope

Illegal modifications to the downhaul system (eg extra blocks attached)DM371 SET UP

Illegal modifications to the rudder system (eg extra pads or wedges to hold the blades)

Failure to carry a trampoline satchel or a paddle

Non-standard blocks and cleats


Missing or broken toe loops

Trampolines not made and supplied by the manufacturer.

Halyards that are missing or too thin

Spanner lines that are too long or too short.

Hyde_logo_cmykSails not made by Hydes (legal sails will all have a Hydes logo on them)

Sails with missing or in-correct numbers or no GBR stickers (now required by IDA rules)

Non-standard battens

Toe loops that are tied to the rear beam or the trampoline pole in addition to the standard clips or rope that attaches to the slot.

Please make sure your boat is legal before you come to the Nationals!  All the measurements and drawings are available on our website www.dart18.com under the Tech Talk button, with the Rope guide giving the most important dimensions, and everything in the Class Drawings and Technical Manual.  If you are in doubt please ask us by emailing or phoning UKIDA.”

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