2019 Dart 18 Worlds Day 3 Update

Dart 18 News 19 Feb 2019

DART 18 World Championships 19 February 2019 – Day 3

Results after 3 days can be found here —–> http://www.dart18.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Results-3rd-Day.pdf

“I’m in Paradise” said Nicola. This is no surprise as the sun shone all day with winds building to 17  knots of wind and she and her skipper Herve Le Maux had just had their best performance of the competition. Three days of excellent sailing conditions and, by any standards, The Royal Varuna Yacht Club has so far been an excellent choice of sailing international competition venue.

Two races with good wind, 52 on the line for the fifth race of the series and 51 on the sixth. Winds were lighter at about 11-12 knots and rising in the first race, with the now standard 15-17 knots in the second. Mat and Jacob Exon had an excellent day with a first and a sixth, significantly better than the previous days. Gareth Owen (Kadett world champion 1972!) and Hebe Hemming continued to impress with consistency holding on to their overall lead with a sixth and a third. They are closely followed, after discards, by Dave and Louise Roberts in overall second place. The other competitors well within reach of the leader are Daniel Norman and crew Aleysha Monkman and Herve Le Maux and crew Nicola Davies who have both improved and are very capable of winning.

Down the pack Thai Hobie champion, Damrongsak and crew Kitsada maintained their position of 10th.

With the support of the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand, special thanks to all the sponsors of what is turning out to be a near perfect sailing event: The Ministry of Tourism and Sport, Pattaya City Government, Bangkok Hospital, France Catamaran, Big Chilli, Fiona and Larry, Ocean Marina, Pattaya Mail, Rooster and ThaiBev.

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