2017 Class Rules Changes

Dart 18 News 04 Mar 2018

Attention everyone who owns a boat & people who crew (i will come back to you in a second). The IDA has some updated class rules for you. They are nicely documented here:


There are four updates to make all your lives easier. They are to do with the jib strop & attachment, trapeze adjuster and tramp bag.

Now normally as a crew you wouldn’t bother reading these however today is different as this one affects you. The second amendment simply says your trapeze adjusters can now be up to 95mm long, boring right?

NOPE! That teeny tiny itsy bitsy rule change for an extra little bit of length now opens the rules up enough for us to use Camcleat Trapeze adjusters! This makes me soooo happy! Of course you don’t have to change the old ones are still class legal but if you dislike them as much as i do you now have an alternative. So crews i now leave it up to you to inform your helms of said rules & tell them which adjusters you would like.

Please note the exact Camcleat does still have to fit within the dimensions but I’m sure Brian Phipps at Windsport will be able to advise you on the correct model.

If you don’t know where to find the regular class rules you can find them here:


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