2016 Scottish Championships

Dart 18 News 14 Sep 2016

Below is a report written by Jasmin Kallauch from Germany who happened to be studying in Dundee at the time of the Scottish Championships.

Scottish Dart 18 Championships at the RTYC


If I could help out and crew at the Scottish Dart 18 Championships?

Well, I haven’t really sailed for a while, never really trapezed, nor been a crew… – But never mind, of course I crew!!File 14-09-2016, 09 13 27

After two training sessions on the water on Thursday and Friday right before the event, where I discovered how much I had missed being on the water and how much fun trapezing was, Jason and I were ready to win the championships!

I was really excited on Saturday morning to get down to the Royal Tay Yacht Club. Sadly the forecast wasn’t as good and wind promising as in the last few days but I kept my fingers crossed for another flying session. But first I had to get back into my still wet wet-suit…  At twelve there was supposed to be the first start but because of shifty winds we waited until the course was adjusted. With a tack just before the start signal we had quiet a slow start but the tide and wind got us down to the first mark pretty quick and in the middle of the field, not exactly in a position for the win but for hope. I even had to get out in the trapeze a few times. After three laps we came in seventh with a list of „What to do different in the next race“ including standing our ground at the starting line with shouting and swearing in german, to make it sound more dramatic and scary.

14341833_1197036293689963_802592015_nAfter waiting quiet a while for the last boats to finish the next race with a lot of great resolutions from our side was about to start. Well, it sounded a lot more plausible and successful when we talked about it beforehand, but I guess a start in the second row is better then one with no speed at all. And then the wind died down completely on the last way up to mark one… Exactly how it was promised on windfinder. In front the Tayport High Light we drifted in the direction of Dundee joking about us needing to be picked up in Perth. No of course we fought like everybody else in the fleet to get back down to the finishing line in front of the Broughty Ferry Lifeboat Station. A few where lucky, we weren’t. After an estimated time of an hour not making any progress in getting where we wanted, we finally decided to get our paddle out and set an end to this misery. The other three remainders decided to do so too and we all got ashore to have some bacon rolls instead. The last race of the day got postponed and we were looking forward to now four races on Sunday with even less wind expected.14355940_1197036313689961_663252790_n

But first comes The Social — something I don’t really know from Germany, where I am from. Don’t get me wrong we drink too but we just don’t have so much fun dancing and dressing up for the evening. There wont be a reason for a dress or kilt at the races I know from back home. So now I know and I promise that the next time I show up at a Scottish Sailing event, I am going to have high heels and a dress as well! Because now comes the best part of the whole weekend:
A Ceilidh. This is according to Wikipedia a traditional Gaelic social gathering which can involve playing Gaelic folk music and than dancing to it. It was all that and more. The biggest fun you can have! Everyone dresses up (at least three guys with kilts), gets drunk and dances until the bar closes. File 14-09-2016, 09 20 07But that didn’t stop us from continuing our fabulous time in Mikes and Yvette’s Caravan which was just parked outside. In the end I lost track about how many Jägerbombs I had. I hit Kenny that hard with my elbow while dancing, that he got a bloody cut next to his eyebrow. I found several questionable pictures on my phone including one with six naked male bottoms. And I didn’t wake up in my own bed, but in one with Frozen sheets and a tractor in my arm. I would say I had a pretty successful night.

Luckily for me the windfinders prediction was right again. So the start of the third race on Sunday got delayed and I could have another nap. The trampoline of a Dart 18 is really quiet comfortable especially when like in my case the sun is shining. At around 1130 I was ready to race again but sadly still no wind at all — another delay…  A bacon roll, a sunbath and a lentil soup later the race comity decided at 1300 that there will be no more racing that day and that the price giving ceremony will be at two o’clock. 1310 the wind picked up and there was a nice light breeze probably sailable. I guess this mystical recover of the wind after a final solution is made never changes wherever you race or sail.

The Scottish Dart 18 Champions in 2016 are Gordon and Emma, Congratulations!

Thank you all so much, I had such a great time and I am looking forward to see you all next year in Scharbeutz!!

Written by Jasmine Kallauch.


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